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Episode 95 – An Interview with Lachlan MacKinnon

You guys.

We had such fun recording this surprise episode with none other than Lachlan MacKinnon, executive producer of A Discovery of Witches TV. Mr. MacKinnon is a delight — please tune in as we discuss adapting Season 2 for the screen and his goals for Season 3!

Download the episode here.

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Happy (surprise!) Sunday!


Cait and Jen


Episode 88 – Vampire Staycation

Hello! It has been a little while but we are back! Please join us for our first book wrap discussion of Time’s Convert. We’re talking characters, antagonists and protagonists, themes, and narration.

Download the episode here.

We are mid- All Souls Con 2020, with one more weekend of content to go (released Nov. 28th). There is still time to purchase a ticket for the virtual con by visiting Sessions are available On Demand for your convenience. On that note, you have until November 29th to enter to win our Archetypes Prize Pack.

Starting Dec. 1 we will have an all new prize pack available, our IO Saturnalia – Philippe de Clermont Prize Pack. Details will be on our Contests page.

It’s so lovely to be back and chatting books with you all. We hope you are healthy, safe, warm, and happy.


Jen & Cait


Episode 81 – BYO Blunderbuss

Happy Sunday, Clovers!

We have finally made it into the beginning of Marcus’ story in this week’s episode covering Ch. 6, 9, and 12 of Time’s Convert. We’re discussing family dynamics, problematic stereotypes, being a product of one’s time, infectious diseases, and more. Plus, this week in our reading we get a special cameo from OG Sarah Bishop! Content warning for discussion of domestic violence. 

Download the episode here.

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Until next time,


Jen and Cait


Episode 77 – For Worser, For Better

Photo by Abby Boggier on Unsplash


We hope this finds you well and safe on a gorgeous Sunday morning.

At the outset of this episode, we’re taking a couple of moments to talk about the #BlackLivesMatter movement and how we’re working on dismantling racism in our lives outside the podcast and what that means for our podcast work going forward. We’re committed to you, our listeners, to truly intersectional feminism, and to learning (and forking up) in public. There may or may not be some of that in this episode — but here we go anyway.

In this episode, we’re talking about Chapters 3, 5, and 8 of Time’s Convert. It’s partially about awkward transitions (wee), defensive cocktails, and parenting and blind panic (we see you, Diana), but it’s also about decolonizing history, authorial and audience expectations, and what happens when you transition from a trilogy to a Very Different Book in the same universe.

Download the episode here.

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Cait and Jen