Reading & Release Schedule


Hello, Clovers!

We are now slated to begin our discussion of BOOK OF LIFE on April 14th. We couldn’t be more excited to dive into the final book in the trilogy! Please find our preliminary reading and release schedule below. We look forward to spending the coming seasons in discussion with you all.

Episode Air DateTopicEvents Covered
Sol in Cancer
14 April 2019BoLCh. 1-2
28 April 2019BoLCh. 3-4
12 May 2019BoLCh. 5-6
Sol in Leo
26 May 2019BoLCh. 7-9
9 June 2019BoLCh. 10-11
23 June 2019BoLCh. 12-14
Sol in Virgo
7 July 2019BoLCh. 15-17
21 July 2019BoLCh. 18-20
8 August 2019All Souls ConASC Panel Recording
18 August 2019BoLCh. 21-22
Sol in Libra
1 September 2019BoLCh. 23-25
15 September 2019BoLCh. 26-28
Sol in Scorpio
29 September 2019BoLCh. 29-31
Sol in Sagittarius
13 October 2019BoLCh. 32-33
Sol in Capricorn
27 October 2019BoLCh. 34-36
10 November 2019BoLCh. 37-39
Sol in Aquarius → Sol in Gemini
24 November 2019BoLCh. 40-41
8 December 2019BoL Wrap Episode I
22 December 2019BoL Wrap Episode II

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Cait and Jen