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Proposed Reading Schedule for A Discovery of Witches

Thank you so much to those of you who subscribed to our podcast on iTunes and Podomatic. We’re so excited to share our thoughts with you and can’t wait to get started. As you’re discovering and re-discovering the world of All Souls, we thought you’d like to see our reading and episode calendar. Here’s the plan:

Episode Air Date


10 September 2017 1-3
24 September 2017 4-7
8 October 2017 8-10
22 October 2017 11-14
5 November 2017 15-17
19 November 2017 18-20
3 December 2017 21-23
17 December 2017 24-26
7 January 2018 27-29
21 January 2018 30-32
4 February 2018 33-36
18 February 2018 37-39
4 March 2018 40-End

We’re going slowly on purpose, so there’s plenty of time for discussion. We’re also likely to pepper in some short episodes about All Souls Con, TV show news, and other goodies. In the meantime, we hope you’ll enjoy reading the early chapters and thinking of brilliant things to say.

If you have anything you’d specifically like us to talk about in the first couple of episodes, feel free to tag Twitter posts with the hashtag #ccalchemy, or find us at @chamomilenclove on Twitter or e-mail us at chamomileandclovecast@gmail.com

Counting down the days until we start,

Jen and Cait


First Reading and Where to Find ADOW




Hello and welcome!

As we discussed in our Intro episode, we’ll be starting a read-along seminar of Deborah Harkness’ “A Discovery of Witches” (ADOW) on September 17, 2017! In our first episode, we’ll cover Chapters 1-3.

If you’re looking for a copy of ADOW, check your local library or bookstore, or find a copy here on Amazon. If you prefer audiobooks, the production of ADOW narrated by Jennifer Ikeda is a fabulous choice. It’s available on Audible.

During the episode, Cait mentioned Deb’s yearly real-time read-along, which begins on September 18, 2017. Check out Deb’s FAQ’s on the Real-Time Reading or download the free Real-Time Reading Companion to participate. We’ll be going much more slowly than the Real-Time Reading, which covers each chapter of the book on the day it happened in the All Souls canon. If you’ve never done it before, it’s a delightful way to slip into fall.

In the meantime, grab your copy and your favorite beverage and dive into Chapters 1-3 of ADOW. If you have thougthts you’d like to share, you can tweet them to us at @chamomilenclove on Twitter, use the hashtag #ccalchemy, or e-mail us at chamomileandclovecast@gmail.com.

Happy reading!

Cait and Jen