Episode 65 – Feisty Heisty


Happy Sunday from sunny Savannah! We hope this week’s episode will keep you company as you travel to visit family for the Thanksgiving holiday or as you cook, or work out, or walk the dog, or knit, or do whatever brings you peace during this busy time of year.

In this episode, we’re planning a heist! Join us as we discuss Chapters 34-36 of the Book of Life and learn how Diana plans to acquire… the Book of Life. We’ll talk about symmetry, villainy, some Peak Harkness writing craft, and the illustrious Bright Born.

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Cait and Jen


Episode 64 – The Real Housewives of the Auvergne

Photo by Stéphane Juban on Unsplash

Happy Sunday evening, Clovers!

In today’s episode, we’re tackling Sol in Sagittarius — we’ve got to christen some babies, exchange Christmas presents, check in with the world conflict, and get moving towards The End of the Story. In so doing, we’ve got time and space to talk about pregnancy and protagonism, plot movements large and small, and what Marcus gave Phoebe for Christmas. Oh, and I spontaneously composed several spells. You’re welcome.

Download the episode here.

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