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Episode 28 – Father Hubbard Will See You Now

kelly-neil-558253-unsplashKelly Neil

Hello, Clovers! Happy Sunday.

In Episode 28, it’s time to talk about Chapters 18-20 of Shadow of Night, including the changing mechanics of Diana’s powers, the introduction of Phoebe Taylor, and what to do with an ill-mannered 16th century husband. There’s character introductions, a bit of sweetness, and of course, just a little bit of magic.

Happy Mabon and autumnal equinox to all those who celebrate. We hope you enjoy the episode.

Download the episode here.

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Happy listening,


Cait and Jen


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Episode 27 – Slytherpuff


Joe Green

In this episode, special guest Jennifer Covel (@atinykaiju) helps Cait and Jen answer the lingering questions from All Souls Con. There’s Corra, there’s Diana, and there’s the dangerous distraction of Matthew in riding boots. Rawr. Enjoy!

Download the episode here. 

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Cait and Jen (and Jennifer!)