Episode 80 – Boathouse and Chill

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Happiest Sunday, Clovers!

In today’s episode, we’re covering Chapters 29, 31, and 34 of Time’s Convert! This rounds out the storyline for Diana, Matthew, and Marcus in the present before we get into the heart of the book – Marcus’s past! In these chapters, we’re talking about the trouble with spellbinding, parenting and trauma, breaking analogies (and characters), and what kind of a cake you bake for solstice. There may or may not be wasps.

Download the episode here.

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We hope you enjoy the episode.


Cait and Jen


Episode 79 – The Judgemobile

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Happy Sunday, Clovers!

It’s a beautiful, hot midsummer day here at C&C East. We hope that you are safe, well, and healthy and that you’re ready for an unexpectedly musical episode of Chamomile & Clove.

In this episode, we’re covering Chapters 20 and 24 of Time’s Convert. It’s Matthew’s rebirthday party and we’ve FOOLISHLY invited Baldwin to dinner to make a ruckus in the name of family time. It gives us a great opportunity to talk about acceptance, tolerance, body image, vampire hierarchy, and why biting is (and simultaneously is not) a great tool for solving problems. Guys, there’s so much biting today. There is also a lot of improvised singing, so consider yourselves warned.

Download the episode here.

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Cait and Jen