Episode 57 – How Dare You


It’s a miserable, hot weekend at C&C HQ East — I’m applying iced tea liberally and hope you’re doing the same.

This week, we’re discussing Chapters 18-20 of the Book of Life and I, personally, have a lot of very difficult Jack-and-Hubbard related feelings that you have to listen to me process on-air. Jack raises difficult issues for us and for our story — mental illness, the fallibility of our protagonists, the trauma inflicted by Benjamin, the FIVE HUNDRED YEARS he spent waiting for Matthew and Diana to be ready for him. It’s deep, it’s tough, and we do our best to make it through unscathed.

This time two weeks from now, we’ll be on our way home from All Souls Con 2019 in Cardiff, Wales. If you haven’t already, you can buy an online pass to the convention via AllSoulsCon.org. We’ll be posting and blogging about our trip here, on Twitter, and on Facebook — stay tuned for coverage and perhaps some special content from the Con! If you’re traveling to Cardiff, give us a shout at chamomileandclovecast@gmail.com or on Twitter at @chamomilenclove.

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Episode 56 – Tea at the Lawn and Kennel Club

Photo by Adam Kring on Unsplash


It’s a new episode Sunday here at C&C East! We hope you had a wonderful week and that those of you who celebrated Canada Day and American Independence Day had a great time with your families and friends.

In this episode, we start Sol in Virgo in New Haven with science and new characters and plot development, oh my! This episode has a little bit of everything — a discussion about romantic tropes, Diana’s identity, and the nature of blood rage as well as a fanfic-worthy Baldwin BDSM subplot (you’re welcome) and some terrible (TERRIBLE) Cait puns. Oh, and we stick lots of pins in our feelings.

Download the episode here.

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We can’t wait to see you in Cardiff in THREE WEEKS. Drop us a line if you’ll be in Wales and we’ll make sure to give you a hug!


Cait and Jen