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Episode 100 – A Discovery of Witches TV 2×10 – Plotsom and Jetsom

David Newman as Stephen Proctor and Teresa Palmer as Diana Bishop in A Discovery of Witches TV. Photo courtesy of Far Far Away.

Dearest and most darling Clovers, it’s a big day. Today, we’re releasing Episode 100 of Chamomile & Clove — a milestone we never dreamed of reaching. It’s only fitting that we should published Episode 100 while talking about Episode 2×10 of A Discovery of Witches TV, a fitting end to a tremendous season of television.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about character arcs, endings, beginnings, changes, and bringing this season to a satisfying close before launching into Season 3 in 2022. There’s a healthy edition of Spoiler Corner at the end, too, in case you can’t get quite enough of speculation (or Cait’s newly-minted Spoiler Corner ditties).

Download the episode here.

To celebrate our ONE HUNDREDTH EPISODE, we have new (and much anticipated merch) in our Redbubble store. We’re also launching our massive transcript project — if you’d like to participate, you can e-mail us at and we’ll sign you up. We’ve got some special edition swag to give as a thank you gift for anyone who chooses to pitch in.

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We could not do this without you — your energy, your love, your questions, your comments, and your companionship are something else. Thank you for everything you’ve done that brought us here. We are so grateful.


Cait and Jen

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