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Countdown to All Souls Con – Our Favorite Things about the All Souls Trilogy – Day Twenty-Three – The Magic


Terri Bleeker

We’re getting closer and closer, Clovers!

On Day Twenty-Three, we’d like to highlight the beauty, the depth, and the wonder of the magic suffusing the All Souls universe. From the beginning — the moment that Diana lays her hand on Ashmole 782 — until the end — when Diana unleashes her arrow of fire and justice to vanquish Benjamin — the magic carries us through romance and heartache to a place of joy. We love the elemental magic, the herbal magic, the magic born of the Goddess, the magic of creativity, immortality, and love. We love familiars and weavers and firewitches and potions and prophecies and… well, you get the idea.

What is your favorite magical moment in the All Souls Trilogy?

Come and tell us about it on our Facebook page, the Chamomile & Clove Clovers.

We’re not done, yet! On to Day Twenty-Four!

Have a nomination for our countdown list? E-mail us at, send us a message via Twitter @chamomilenclove, or send us a Facebook message!

There are still online passes available for All Souls Con 2018. Buy a pass and you’ll see us present on Friday, August 10 with the lovely Jennifer Covel!

We can’t wait to see you,

Cait and Jen

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