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Countdown to All Souls Con – Our Favorite Things about the All Souls Trilogy – Day Twenty-Two – The Congregation


Ricardo Gomez

If only there were more than thirty days in this countdown so that we could talk about each member of the Congregation! The Congregation is a brilliant fictional device; it simultaneously creates a world-sized antagonist (check out our episode, Cait & Jen and the Time Nautilus) to fuel the central narrative conflict and lots of smaller antagonists to worry Matthew and Diana along the way. As an antagonist, the Congregation poses large and important questions that shape the plot of the All Souls Trilogy — Who makes the rules? Who do the rules serve? Why do the rules exist? What kind of world do you want? The smaller antagonists — Gerbert, Satu, Juliette, Peter Knox, Domenico — contribute just the right blend of danger, drama, violence, mystery, malevolence, and mayhem to keep the story moving from page-to-page. We can’t wait to see what the TV show does to tell the story from the perspective of characters we don’t know nearly as well as we know the de Clermonts.

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We’re getting so close! On to Day Twenty-Three!

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There are still online passes available for All Souls Con 2018. Buy a pass and you’ll see us present on Friday, August 10 with the lovely Jennifer Covel!

We can’t wait to see you,

Cait and Jen

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