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Real-Time Reading – 10 October – Chapter 26

felix-russell-saw-234903Felix Russell-Saw

Chapter 26

When the Range Rover entered the courtyard, I flew outside. For the first time in our relationship, Matthew didn’t beat me to the door. He was still straightening his long legs when my arms locked around his neck, my toes barely touching the ground.

“Don’t do that again,” I whispered, my eyes shut against sudden tears. 

In her post for 10 October and in the Real-Time Reading Companion, Deb tells us that she wrote a great deal of A Discovery of Witches while listening to David Berkeley.

This chapter is heavy on emotion, but light on material to start my usual research trails. In lieu of trivia, therefore, I present you with a few atmospheric autumnal playlists to accompany your wistful sighs.

Writer’s Bone – Nostalgia and Melancholy

41 Songs to Fall in Love with This Autumn

The 10 Best Autumn Songs for a Romantic Dinner

We’ll talk again tomorrow, when Diana takes Matthew hunting.



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