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Countdown to All Souls Con – Our Favorite Things about the All Souls Trilogy – Day Thirteen – Sept-Tours

yan-ots-677373-unsplashYan Ots

Every fantasy romance ought to have a castle, right?

That’s why we’re dedicating Day Thirteen of our countdown to All Souls Con to Sept-Tours, the magnificent seat of the de Clermont family and the Knights of Lazarus in the Auvergne. We associate Sept-Tours with so many wonderful moments — dancing in the salon, bundling (hee hee), Sarah and Ysabeau marveling over Diana’s pregnancy in the driveway, meeting Philippe — we had to include it! Sept-Tours represents so many things — home, tradition, family, legacy, power — it seems like its own character. Besides, who wouldn’t be pleasantly surprised to find that their vampire boyfriend had a killer castle tucked away in a remote corner of France? Find us that person. We dare you.

What’s your favorite scene in Sept-Tours?

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There are still online passes available for All Souls Con 2018. Buy a pass and you’ll see us present on Friday, August 10 with the lovely Jennifer Covel!

We can’t wait to see you,

Cait and Jen

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