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Episode 13 – Witchfire: No Takebacks

josh-couch-475167unsplash-logoJosh Couch

In Episode 13, we rescue Diana from the oubliette before getting to the main event — you know, meeting Tabitha.

Seriously, though: there’s a lot to talk about — the tragic foresight of Stephen and Rebecca Bishop, the symbolism of the oubliette, Best and Worst Matthew… it’s all there!

We’re nearing the end of A Discovery of Witches, so we’d LOVE to hear your feedback on the kinds of topics you’d like us to discuss in our book wrap episodes. Do you have burning questions? Comments on big story themes and structure? Let us know by finding us on Twitter (@chamomilenclove), via e-mail (chamomileandclovecast@gmail.com), OR by joining our new Facebook discussion group, the Clovers! We can’t wait to see you there.

Download the episode here. 

See you soon!


Cait and Jen

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